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Posted: August 29, 2010 in Rest

When I hear the word ‘Rest’ it sounds lazy. It sounds like something sissy’s do… or better yet… what small children and senior citizens do so they don’t get irritable and cranky. The first thought that comes to mind when I hear of people who need to rest is that they can’t hack it in this fast paced world. Poor little me that I’ve worked so hard that I need to lay my head on a soft fluffy pillow and start the inception or my body will just crash on the floor as if dead.

Leonardo Da Vinci was known for taking short naps throughout the day instead of sleeping in a 6-8 hour chunk of time. He believed he could accomplish more and make the most out of his day if he slept less more often. I have always rebelled against the fact that my body needs sleep. I have always pushed my body to stay up longer so I can accomplish more. I have had this mentality that when I get to heaven I will get a new body so why not push the envelope while I’m alive so when I do get to heaven I will need a new body because I flat wore this one out. That kind of thinking might be fine every once in a while, but I’m finding out quickly how much I need to take time to rest.

We all need rest and we all need sleep. Without it, our bodies will shut down both mentally and physically. I am slowly learning how important it is to carve time out of the day to rest. God even took time to rest on the seventh day after speaking everything into existence in just six days. Now He didn’t need sleep or rest… come on… He’s God. But He did want to be the first example in Scripture to model a life of work with rest. When we as leaders miss the opportunity to rest we miss out on another opportunity to be more effective, more creative, and more innovative. We tax our bodies and our minds to a breaking point that we become useless.

Plutarch said, “Rest is the sweet sauce of labor.” Rest is critical. Rest is mandatory. Rest is Scripturally sound. As a leader, I need to make time to rest, recuperate, revive, renew, and refresh my mind and my body so I can be used by God to my fullest potential.