telling the story – #3

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Stories

Stephen Grellet was a missionary back in the pioneer days of the United States of America. He was a Quaker evangelist, preacher, and missionary. He was out on the western borders of our nation, at the foot of the Rockies while praying and seeking the face of God when he felt that inner urge, that word from the Lord that said he was to go to a certain lumber camp and preach an evangelistic message. God said he was to go so he went to this particular lumber camp. He was expecting to preach a revival crusade and when he arrived there was not a soul in the lumber camp, not one. He looked around and thought; maybe they are over in the mess hall. Stephen Grellet went over to the mess hall and no one was there. He said, “Lord, you’ve told me to come and preach, I don’t understand it, but I’m going to be obedient.” So he stood in that empty mess hall and preached his heart out. He preached Jesus, salvation, and pled for souls to be saved to an empty place. He gave an invitation for people to receive Christ, then had a benediction, and then went his way satisfied that he had been obedient not understanding it at all.

Years later across the ocean, Stephen Grellet was standing on the London Bridge when a heavy hand dropped on his shoulder. The man asked, “Are you Stephen Grellet?” He said, “I am.” This man said, “I’ve been looking the world over for you. Do you remember going to such and such lumber camp at the foot of the Rockies and preaching a sermon to an empty mess hall? You thought no one heard you, but I heard you. I was the foreman of my crew and we were out in the woods cutting trees and I had to come back for another axe. I heard you in there preaching and I stood behind a stack of wood and I listened to you and I was ashamed to make myself known. What you said penetrated my heart and brought me under conviction. I went back into the woods and gave my heart to Jesus Christ. I shared what happen with three other lumberjacks and all three of them gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. I want you to know sir that the four of us have become missionaries and evangelists, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Here is a man, obedient, not knowing why, but just simply being obedient. Doing what God told him to do.


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